Tranquil Network

Creativity Unbound

Tranquil Network Statement, 2019-2020

Here in Tranquil Network, we strive for creativity and excellence in our respective areas, whether it is survival or creative Minecraft playing we’ve got you covered.

Iceflame Main Server

Where the Integratia stands, it is the founding servers of Tranquil Network.

Access Iceflame Main Server by walking to the fountain, then taking a right turn and click on the NPC which is named Iceflame Main Server to take a trip to Akiscond, the 1st city established in this plane.


The 1st survival-oriented server in Tranquil Network and is the founding servers of Tranquil Network.

Skyevolution is in development until 2021.

Candy House

Candy House is a sandbox server in progress.

Tranquil Initiatives

We are considering possibilities for a Survival server in a short time.